A Forum For Madison's Finer Felons...




I hope this isn't too many flix for this site, cause I got more to post if it's cool.

I explain myself in my first post 2 down. derp.


I stumbled across this site a lil while back and found it to be all stencils, and not truly representing all that our graff scene has to offer. There should be more bombing an shit posted up on hurr. On another note, I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna post up an older benching session of mine. Not all the pieces are bangin and there's some bad sunlight and alot of shitty angle shots so I could get the whole cars. I hope ya'll like that cold hard steel. BTW, I am not self promoting.


"Dont Stop Believin'!"

Haha, since 1910 no less?

very cool. i've noticed that over the last year this wall has switched from being exclusively hand done work to, at present, exclusively stencil.

I'm lost on this one.


an unplugged ATM with "unplug the thug"


"Tha-Fam" vandalism - good wholesome fun for the whole family!

"damned Nazis, smash 'em up!" looks wheat-pasted

i think he's holding a gas bomb. or maybe a spray can. dont quite get this one, but it looks cool

revolution in crimson



peace + love = understanding (or balance or zen or however you take the yin yang) friggin hippies.

just hold still this is going to hurt a little...

I feel that this site has been unfairly biased against freehand work. apologies. the bigotry will end starting....now.




oh the mulletude!


...and rude and not fair and often painful and so much fun.

aww, a wee lil' vandal


think big, think velociraptor.

"END capitalism" -liking the combo work.

Vex strikes again

the placement really brings that design to life. good work bro!

a mushroom i think, cool cut anyway.

humanity: "Oh shit!"

Hand inked paste up.

Civil disobedience because obedience is less than civil.


"Can You Let Go?"

Hard to make out, but nifty.

seance in a can?